Young Audiences

Young audiences (and teachers) across Massachusetts are learning about a new elementary assembly idea turned reality.

Life was pretty sad for one large piece of granite until one cold Winter day adventurers from England used it as a Steppingstone. From that day on life would never be the same for one talking Plymouth Rock in Diane L. Finn’s children’s storybook “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock”.

Welcome to the musical home of “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” where Plymouth Rock not only talks it sings to young audiences with singer songwriter Candido Bretto as the voice of Plymouth Rock.

Young Audiences
The Secrets of Plymouth Rock elementary assembly chronicles the life and times of Plymouth Rock 1620 – 1920. It’s an assembly about the Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock but underneath it all its about hope, optimism, survival and self awareness.

Find the “The Secrets of Plymouth Rock” at the following locations. Then download the following 12 songs complete with sheet music free for a limited time.

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