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This page is for purchasing the Melody and Voice MP3 of “A Speck in the Distance” from the “Secrets Of Plymouth Rock”. The words “a speck in the distance” come directly from the story. It's a little song sung by a curious Plymouth Rock. The time signatures of 3/4 and 6/8 are used throughout the book to represent the sea and its rolling waves.

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A Speck In The Distance
Copyright 2017 Candido Bretto and Diane Finn

8 Measure Intro

it’s Winter in Plymouth
gale winds are blowing
the water is cold and
the sun’s far away

a speck in the distance
on the horizon
has captured my int’rest
all day today


i’ve watched it for hours
it seems to be moving
closer and closer
growing in size

too big for a driftwood
too small for a rain cloud
this spot on the water
has captured my eye

is it an angel
come down from heaven
or is it the playfriend
i’ve waited for

is it a figment
of my ‘magination
i’ve never seen anything
like it before

a speck in the distance
a speck in the distance
a speck in the distance

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